Robert Steijn


Robert Steijn (born in 1958) is a performer, deer dancer, director and writer. He started the Vienna based performance-group United Sorry (together with Frans Poelstra) and collaborates with choreographers as Maria Hassabi (New York) Georg Blaschke (Vienna), Pieter Ampe and Eun Kyung Lee (Brussels), the sound artist Cilia Erens (Amsterdam), the visual artist Christine Laquet (Nantes) and the theatre company Theater im Bahnhof (Graz).
He teaches at the S.N.D.O in Amsterdam, Doch in Stockholm and A-Pass and P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. Lately he investigates the difference between performing on stage and in galleries or museums: It is in your hands stupid at Sinne Art Space/Helsinki and Lust und Verrat at Alte Galerie/Graz. For 2014 he plans to make duets in the public space of Mexico City, Saint Petersburg and Beirut. His interest is to find gentleness and grace in the triangle between spirituality, politics and art. His research area is the realm of the body, as it is domesticated by the market. At steirischer herbst 2013 United Sorry stages their new play the forest project.