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Fare well to the Sheriff – leaving Alfred,NY.

21. 2. 2013 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

We write the 20th, rose early,
departure is set for DC at 5:30 am
and onward to Vienna late in the day.
Took one more seat on the Cohen Center porch,
my favourite late afternoon bench.
The University has ordered four Dodge charged rental wheels,
identical to the black rubber donuts of the Sheriffs cruiser,
they wait darkened on the lot.
The suitcases are loaded, heavy over the rear axle,
holding the wheels to the ground.
Walked off the porch into Alfred´s morning darkness air
and danced onto yellow marked Main,
but the Sheriff would not come.
Waited and inhaled the ragweed that huddles in the meadows about,
their dust has frozen, my nose is clear and takes notice no more.
No noise frome the cruiser,
the Sheriff won´t come.
Reluctant I take to the steering,
sway away,
to discolor the yellow double markers
with a wheelie
the road out of town.

disarm a hog – rearm them with art

20. 12. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

The Terra Cotta coffee house opens at 7:30 sharp.
The leaves, frost and snow have moved up to the door steps.
The regulars are in their seats by 7:32
and oh so seldom the Sheriff rode in for an extra-large cafe-late to go.


Had to block his path at the counter of condiments
to serve a reprimand to the fellow today.

to serve a reprimand to the fellow today.
“Sir, that 36-shooter side arm of national socialist manufacture,
is hardly suitable for a Sheriff, who conducts his duty on University grounds.
It would be well, to send it back to the little corner of Austria, where it was produced.


Just imagine, the holster around your middle, then vacant, could receive a new host.
One that would ease your burden by providing you and your clients
with an extraordinary tactile and aesthetic sensation.”

The Sheriff while stirring his coffee remarked: “and how do you expect me to do my job?”

“Well Sir, with grandeur, as an enlightened man in the company of art made of wood, held together with rabbit skin glue
and painted in fuchsia and green.


The Sheriff put on a brief smile, replaced the cover to the coffee cup and slid out to his
sliver horse waiting near the parking meter.

Cow punching Sheriff needs to have his horns clipped.

4. 11. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012


Back in Alfred, NY. Autumn has curled the leaves.
The sun is lazy, the asphalt has tightened its muscles and the cold coughs through town. Sheriff McSinister comes late and irregularly now.
The tires on the police cruiser have hardened to the cold and our Sheriff takes great caution to make the U-turn on Main.
On the front of his car he wears a cattle guard, properly equipped to patrol a ranch access road in the Texas-panhandle, but ill suited to make a campus call.
We feel that all these cow punching accessories must be dismantled and discarded and we will assist him in doing so.

Gross negligence is a legal concept which means serious carelessness. So serious that often times it results in the unlawful death of an innocent person.

25. 10. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

THE PISTOL CRUCIFIX w/ DONUT – Religion and violence have always had a relationship. The enforcer of the ideals of others has always been at the hands of men carrying weapons, – by men with a certain level of immunity. They can get away with carelessness. Both in their violent actions and in their diet for donuts.



Gross negligence is firing 50 shots at a man for being intoxicated.

“I´M THE BEST MAN” – A team of both plainclothes and undercover NYPD officers fired 50+ shots killing Sean Bell and severely wounding two of his friends, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman. Sean Bell and his friends had been celebrating in preperation of Sean’s Wedding. by having a night out on the town.


Gross negligence is firing 41 shots at an unarmed man who’s only crime was being afraid.

“I´TS JUST A CHEESESTEAK.”- 4 NYPD police officers located Amadou Diallo and thought that he matched the description of a high profile criminal in the area. Amadou tried to flee. The police pursued him into the alley of Diallo’s home. When DIallo reached and pulled out his wallet, the police mistook the item as a gun and fired 41 shots at Amadou Diallo. 19 bullets hit him, killing him at the scene.


Gross negligence is firing at point blank range in a subdued young mans back.


“DONT TAZE ME!”- Oscar Grant was shot and killed by Bay Area Rapid Transit officer Johannes Mehserle on New Years. While he and another officer subdued Grant, Johannes pulled his gun and fired a bullet into Grants back as he laid face down on the ground just beneath Mehserle. Later the officer went on to defend his actions in saying that he made the mistake of reaching for his gun and not his Tazer.


 Text and images by Markus Mitch Schutzenhofer, San Francisco, CA.