In this photo the second moon was removed

27. 9. 2011 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2011

In one of Marko Tadićs moon-obsessed postcards I read: In this photo the second moon was removed and I instantly think about communism and capitalism. There used to be two moons in the sky and now one of them has been removed. And the sky now looks unbalanced. I found Tadićs drawings almost endlessly moving. Humanity used to be obsessed with the moon. It was a place in the sky, in the night, we could never go. Then, allegedly, we went there. We all saw it like some ancient fragment of cinema. We dreamed of going to the moon, we went, and now the dream is gone. I dont know why, but I was convinced that Tadićs drawings were mainly about the future. Time to come up with new dreams.