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Tiny Guy in Dom im Berg

14. 10. 2015 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2015

IMG_5146In the Icelandic folk tales, the elves live in palaces that were supposed to be inside big rocks and mountains. Inside the mountain – where humans could not enter – the elves are supposed to have nice clothes, good food, theatre, dance and sorts of fancy things (perhaps it was the lacks of pretty houses and pretty things in general the miserable medieval Iceland that led to the origin of these tales).

I mention this because tomorrow Kridpleir will walk into the “palace mountain” here in Graz, Schlossberg, and performs Tiny Guy.

In Tiny Guy we present extensive studies we have been doing on the human brain and declare a groundbreaking conclusion: We´re too lazy to think! Attempting to break this vicious cycle of human inefficiency we invite you into the mountain with us for a convincing presentation of our new method, called “I am the Master”.

Just to be clear: Tiny Guy has nothing to do wit elves. We do not believe in them and nobody in Iceland does anymore.



5. 10. 2015 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2015


This is Ragnar. We’re rehearsing.


Art for the future

2. 10. 2015 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2015

Once a year the independent theatre groups in Iceland can apply to the Art Council for a grant to finance their work. This year’s deadline was yesterday.

The Kriðpleir theatre group hates missing deadlines, and after weeks weeks of stressful meetings and strenuous thinking, we have come up with a concept for a new piece. The blueprint is to be seen on the photographs below.

I won’t explain or translate any of the Icelandic text (the competition is fierce and we don’t want to invite plagiarism). It is enough for you to understand that as you are looking at the photographs, you might be looking at a future art piece that will be financed by Icelandic taxpayers ― you are potentially looking at something worth millions of Icelandic kronas.



Crisis Meeting

20. 9. 2015 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2015

Sorry for the absence. We’ve been working. Consequently, Kriðpleir theatre group has a new show. It is called Crisis Meeting and is altogether a very narcissistic piece of work. (Sorry, but we are totally into ourselves these days - in an extroverted way of course).

Some text.

Some photographs: DSCF4350_




The photographs were taken by Ragnheiður Pálsdóttir at the Lókal international theatre festival in Reykjavík.